Easy to use

Just upload your document and we do the rest. You could also upload automaticly via email or file transfer (serverside).

For every device

One folder works on every device you could image. Desktop, Tablet or Smartphone, just open your browser and you are ready to go!

Easy integration

With our easy REST-API you could integrate one folder to your existing business software like SAP, Zoho or Saleforce.
Overview about your documents

Your document are always in your sight

Once uploaded your documents are safe and searchable. You could categorize your documents as in every high quality document management system.
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Searched... and found!

Find every document with our very good balanced search function

I search a "CV", but not that one with the Text "Test". Hmmmm... I thought I had a document therefore. No problem, I simply search everything which sounds like that. This and many more is possible with one folder!
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Every document is in a "space"

To help you with the management of your documents we added spaces. Every space is a special place for your documents.
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Import your documents fully automated

You could upload your documents via email or we could watch a folder and import every new document which is saved in that. With our REST-API you could create your documents from external applications, too!
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API integrations
Trust as and save time and money!

Feedback from our customers

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