With our comfort functions are you able to let one folder work for you. Send an email with an document as an attachment to one folder and it gets automaticly import. Or you could define a watch path. One folder checks this watch path in an interval and if there are new documents, then they will be automatically saved in one folder. With this functions we enable the feature that you could upload your documents directly via button press to one folder from your printer or scanner.

Email import

Send a email with an document as an attachment to one folder. Every space could define one email or watch path. So you could define one email address per department. The configuration is very easy, just type in your connection details (POP3) of your email in the space formular.

Watch path

You can define a watch path. A watch path is a folder on the server where one folder is running. If you save new document in this folder, then this documents will be automaticly imported. To configure this function just type in the path in the space formular in one folder.


If you want to integrate one folder to your other systems, then you could use our powerful REST-API. Please contact us if you want to get the API-documentation.
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