With no headache to the paperless office!

Everybody talks about the paperless office, but nobody has the right solution. With every solution you get more work, you have to type in your keywords, you have to categorize your documents, you have to convert your document. Many things which nobody wants to do.

With one folder you don’t need to do this work!

I never thought that it could be so easy to manage my documents.

Frank M├╝ller
Key Account Manager

Lay your document into your scanner, choose the type “email” and type in your personal one folder email address. When you click now on scan, than your document will be imported automatically into your own one folder version. One folder detects the text and provides you a very good and easy to use search.

Dokument-IconShort description of one-folder

With one folder you could save your documents with no typing in your very own cloud. Now you don’t have to search in your folders or archives to find your favorite document

  • Fast; Upload your document directly from your scanner
  • Safe; We keep your data safe. Your connection is encrypted via ssl and every customer gets a very own server.
  • Easy; It never was easier to upload and search your documents! Just type in your search query and get all your documents which includes your keyword.
  • New: You could host one folder by yourself in your own network. This means you could keep your data within your own network.

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